Free DNA Upload Sites: Where To Upload Your DNA Data For Additional Insights

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Have you taken a genetic test from companies like 23andMe and want to get additional health insights to find out which diets and supplements are best for you? Read on to find out four free DNA upload sites that can offer you more information about your health.

Access your DNA data before choosing a free DNA upload site

To use a free DNA upload site, you’ll need to have access to your genetic data. When you get a DNA test from a direct-to-consumer company like 23andMe, they’ll provide you with a computer file containing your SNPs. Because not all companies will interpret the same SNPs, uploading your DNA to different platforms may be useful.

Your raw DNA contains a lot of data, so it can be hard to interpret if you don’t have a background in genetics. That’s why there are dedicated services that offer free DNA upload options to help you discover more about yourself.

Downloading your DNA data should be fairly simple. You can read the company’s Frequently Asked Questions to find out how to find your DNA file or contact their customer support team if you have any questions.

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Tip: If you had a DNA test from a company that focuses on ancestry, you can still upload your DNA file to get health information based on your genes!

Free DNA upload sites

After you get access to your genetic information, there are many places where you can upload your DNA for free. In this section, we’ll provide a list of four free DNA upload sites that offer different services and analyses.


  • Supports DNA files from: 23AndMe, Ancestry, Atlas, Dante Labs (SNP VCF file), Diagnomics, DNA.Land, Family Tree, Genes For Good, iGene, Illumina, Living DNA, Map My Genome, MyHeritage, Nebula (SNP VCF file), Nutrition Genome, and others.

SelfDecode offers a free DNA analysis to people who already had their DNA tested. What’s different about SelfDecode is that it analyzes up to one million+ genetic variants per report, meaning you’ll receive the most accurate results. For comparison, most DNA companies only look at a dozen variants.

SelfDecode Free DNA Upload Site

SelfDecode Free DNA Upload Site

By uploading your DNA for free to SelfDecode, you’ll receive information about your genetic predispositions and diet, lifestyle, and supplement recommendations that are personalized and prioritized to your genes.

With SelfDecode, you can build a custom supplement formula based on the recommendations from your free DNA reports. Your formula will be 100% custom-made for you. Unlike other personalized supplements, SelfDecode does not use any base formula.

Free DNA upload sites supplements

SelfDecode also provides information about genetic traits such as response to stress, extraversion, and more.

Upload your DNA for free to SelfDecode.

For full access to the platform, SelfDecode also offers an annual subscription costs $99 per year for people who already had their DNA tested. You can cancel at any time.

For those who need a DNA test, SelfDecode offers two options:

  • DNA kit + Health Insights for $199 (then $99/year after the first year – cancel anytime). It includes:
    • 250+ Health reports
    • 50+ Trait Reports
    • Comprehensive diet, nutrition & fitness reports
    • 600+ Personalized genetic blog posts
    • Lab Analyzer, tracker & recommendations
    • Personalized supplement formula
    • SNP & gene explorer
    • Custom health regimen tool
    • Lifestyle analyzer
  • DNA kit + Health & Ancestry Insights for $249 (then $99/year after the first year – cancel anytime). It includes everything above, plus detailed ancestry reports.


  • Supports DNA files from: 23andMe and Ancestry.

Rootine offers a free DNA upload for people who already have a DNA file. They analyze only around 50 genetic variants related to nutrition to help you understand how your body absorbs and processes nutrients.

Rootine also offers a free blood test analysis. Based on DNA and lab results, you’ll receive limited nutrient intake suggestions and a supplement formula, but no lifestyle or diet recommendations.

Read more about this company in this Rootine review.


  • Supports DNA files from: 23andMe, Ancestry, FamilyTreeDNA, MyHeritage, DanteLabs, Nebula Genomics, HomeDNA, LivingDNA, Vitagene, Illumina, tellmeGen, Genes For Good, and others.

When you upload your DNA for free to Sequencing.com, you’ll gain access to a variety of reports covering topics like lactose intolerance, supplements, athletic performance, and others. View the screenshot below to see apps available to you when you use this free DNA upload site.

The reports are fairly basic and mostly don’t offer guidance to help you address your genetic predispositions, but they can give you some additional insights into your health.

In addition to the free apps, Sequencing.com also offers paid reports and DNA tests. Prices range from $1 to $189 for the reports and $69 to $399 for DNA tests.

To learn more about this free DNA upload site, read our comprehensive Sequencing.com review.

Sano Genetics

  • Supports DNA files from: 23andMe, Ancestry, FamilyTreeDNA, MyHeritage, and others.

Sano Genetics offers a way to connect users with researchers who are conducting studies or clinical trials. They also offer a variety of free reports presented as short blog posts. The reports offer some additional insights into your health, but no personalized recommendations to help you address your predispositions.

Read this Sano Genetics review for more information about this free DNA upload site.


  SelfDecode Rootine Sequencing.com Sano Genetics
Personalized & holistic health recommendations Yes No No No
Products Free DNA upload, DNA and lab testing, personalized health recommendations, traits, personalized supplements, ancestry Free DNA upload, DNA and blood testing, personalized supplements Free DNA upload, app store, DNA testing, whole genome sequencing Free DNA upload, research hub
Number of genetic variants analyzed Up to 83 million genetic variants & 1,500+ lab markers Around 50 genetic variants Depends on the report Unknown
One-click regimen builder Yes No No No
Custom supplement formula Yes Yes No No

Free DNA upload sites: Final considerations

In this article, we reviewed four free DNA upload sites that can give you more insights into your health. Each one is unique in what they have to offer, so it’s up to you to choose the one that satisfies your needs.

When you upload your DNA for free to Rootine, you’ll receive nutritional insights and supplement recommendations based on your DNA, and you can order supplements directly from the website. However, the number of genetic variants analyzed is small, and it lacks in providing diet and lifestyle recommendations.

Sequencing.com gives you access to a small variety of free apps for health and ancestry, but the reports are fairly basic. Sano Genetics offers the opportunity for researchers and individuals to connect and reports for various health topics, but the company doesn’t give personalized recommendations in the reports.

By uploading your DNA for free to SelfDecode, you’ll receive information about your genetic predispositions and personalized diet, lifestyle, and supplement suggestions based on your DNA. You can create custom health regimens and supplemements tailored to your unique body.

At SelfDecode, your data will never be shared or sold to anyone. With SelfDecode, you get personalized health recommendations without compromising your privacy.

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